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Computers and paper ballots kept under lock and key have different vulnerabilities. Neither is inherently safe, so neither is an absolute check on the other. Electronic copies of ballots are automatically made during elections. If hash values can be distributed as the ballots are scanned, with electronic copies carefully saved, they bypass many vulnerabilities. We welcome ideas on all approaches.


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The website editor, Paul Burke, served on his county clerk's Election Advisory Committee, was an election supervisor in Bosnia for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, has been a poll worker in West Virginia and California, and received 20,000 votes running for the District of Columbia school board, though the incumbent won. He serves on California's Language Accessibility Advisory Committee. He has been president of his county's Planning and Zoning Commission and a statistical consultant for the UN Development Program. With others on the State Audit Working Group he has worked for better federal legislation on elections. Before retiring from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, he managed data and analysis on five million subsidized housing units, and one of the nation's largest statistical sample surveys, the American Housing Survey, averaging 100,000 interviews per year. 


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