Paper Ballots after a Week in Storage: What Could Go Wrong? High Risk

"Election officials should re-examine current practices for securing the chain of custody of all paper ballots" ~US Senate Intelligence Committee


Storage risks:

1.     Water damage

2.     Fire

3.     Lock picks

4.     Security alarms and cameras are vulnerable computers

5.     Single lock so one person can enter

6.     Broken seals prevent trust in ballots

7.     Voters trust seals, but seals are easy to replace and can be ignored by election staff

8.     Precinct summary counts are usually even less secure than ballots


Hand-count risks:

1.     Courts prevented complete recounts in 2016 (MI, PA, WI) and 2000 (FL).

2.     Miscounts are easy, while tallying and while reporting totals

3.     Public cannot see ballots in most large places; if they could, arguments over interpretation could delay counting


State rules on audits: comparison and details