Connect with Others in Your State Working for Better Election Procedures

version 12/26/2020

Checklist for election observation

Please submit other groups:

AL- coalition of groups

AZ- Audit Elections USA

CA- CA Assoc.of Clerks & Election Officials

CA- CA Voter Foundation

CA- Citizens' Oversight

CA- Election Integrity Caucus

CA- Election Integrity Project California

CA- FairVote CA

CA- Future of CA Elections

CA- Protect California Ballots

CA- Voters' Choice CA

CO- Election Quality Monitor Colorado

CT- Connecticut Citizen Election Audit

FL- Citizens' Audit Broward

FL- Democracy Counts

FL- Florida Fair Elections Coalition

GA- Black Voters Matter

GA- Coalition for Good Governance

GA- FairFight

GA- Voter GA

GA- VoteFlare

IL- Clean Count Cook County

IL- Illinois Election Integrity Program

MI- Michigan Election Reform Alliance

NC- Democracy NC

NC-NC Coalition for Verified Voting

NC- Transparent Elections North Carolina

NC- Voter Integrity Project, North Carolina

NY- Citizens for Voting Integrity New York

NY- Smart Elections

OH- Validate the Vote USA

PA- Citizens for Better Elections

PA- Committee of 70

PA- Protect Our Vote Philly

PA- VotePA

SC- Validate the Vote USA

TN- Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections

TX- Democracy Counts

WI- Wisconsin Election Integrity

WV- WV Citizen Action Group

WV- WV Citizens for Clean Elections

National Groups

List of people getting election data for their areas

Other Data Files:

Rules on copies of voter registration databases

Types of voting machines used

State and local election tallies 1976-2018

President, Congress, governors, 1948-2018, including some primaries and county-level tallies

President, Congress, governors, 1789-2020, paywall,

US mayoral election results 1945-2007 in 834 cities and state legislatures 1967-2010

Candidate lists everywhere. Send letter encouraging their volunteers to observe & be watchful

Groups which Focus on Polling Places:

Fair Fight trains poll watchers transcribes and publishes poll tapes and other information

Validate the Vote USA organizes people to photograph precinct results on election night (at precincts which scan votes and post poll tapes) in AZ, CO, FL, GA. ME, MI. MT, NC, OH, PA, SC TN, TX, WI.

Election Defenders train volunteers to de-escalate any confrontations outside polling places

NAACP Civic Engagement trains volunteers to observe and report any issues at polling places

Election Integrity email list

Scrutineers supports networking

More groups may be at Election Integrity Caucus


State Rules

Election audits, map and table of state rules for election observers

Public access to get copies of ballots and ballot images, map and table of state rules

Who creates ballot images, map and state rules. Send letter to press, candidates, officials

Reliability of voting by mail, map of state rules

Laws on posting results at precincts (poll tapes)

Many topics at National Conference of State Legislators

Rules on observers, map and lists of state rules


Voting Methods

ElectionScience supports Approval Voting (vote for as many candidates as you wish)

FairVote supports Ranked Choice Voting (rank as many candidates as you wish)