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​1. Old-fashioned dishonest political bosses

2. Criminal groups want to choose sheriff, prosecutor or judge, to avoid prison.

3. Thieves want to benefit from millions of dollars in contracts, land use decisions or other regulations. Governments in the US spend $7 trillion per year, and are chosen by 100 million ballots per year. So the average ballot controls $70,000 of spending, half federal, half state and local.

4. Foreigners want to support one side, or destabilize government by defeating incumbents. Republicans think domestic hackers are more likely. Democrats think foreigners are a bigger threat. Voters in whichever party wins have little support for reform.

5. Examples of software errors and hackers, in elections and elsewhere
1870 Cartoon of Boss Tweed saying he can win if he counts the votes
Check election results
      How does each state check (audit)?
      Compare methods, video or 15 pages
Join other people in your city & state
Be an election observer: tips and training
​  ​
Check absentee ballots

Many comparions of state elections

Model laws for better elections
Hacks & bugs
     Past experience
     Errors by election machines in past elections
​     Equipment is at high risk at manufacturers
     Hacks of offline computers
Check election results
     Citizens check counts in some states
     Sample sizes needed and risks

Find your elected officials and candidates
     Find their staff
     Comments on Federal & state laws & rules
     Prosecutions are rare; penalties are light

Other basic issues for good elections
      Tally sheets for hand counting 
      Manuals for Poll Workers
      Election website reviews:
           Connecticut 2014
           Texas 2022 
     Election office procedures + contracts:
           Drop boxes
           Processing absentee ballots
           Logs & contracts involving absentee ballots 
           Transcribing unreadable ballots
           Providing election results online
           Letters answering requests for records
           Chart of answers
           Costs of administering elections
      Locks, seals, transport, storage for ballots
      Stories about machine scans of ballots 
      Issues with citizens checking voter registration lists
      Worldwide information

News about election processes:
      Votebeat articles mostly on swing states
      College journalism on state governments

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       Op-ed on CNN 
       Research articles on audits and ballot storage
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